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3 Habits that Changed the Way I Work

Imagine having to appear at a remote hearing from a hospital conference room while your infant daughter is admitted in the other room. In a follow-up to the last episode, Lauren shares going through this experience and how it made her realize that something needed to change in the way she approached work. By being intentional about her time, focusing on what’s important, and increasing productivity, Lauren details the three habits that transformed her work life.


The Power of Positive Connection with Martha Knudson

Today we’re talking about something you don’t hear about enough in the legal profession: personal connection. Specifically positive personal connection. The bond that’s created when we reach out and honestly share our experience with another person who compassionately listens and empathizes. I know, you might already be feeling a bit uncomfortable, but that’s why this conversation is so important. 


How to Show Appreciation to an Employee or Colleague on Valentine’s Day Using the Five Love Languages

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you might be thinking to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to share some holiday appreciation with an employee or colleague? Before you rush out and buy candy or chocolate in bulk, first consider your work Valentine’s love language so that you can appreciate them in the way that resonates the most.