3 Habits that Changed the Way I Work

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Episode Description 

In this episode of A Different Practice, Lauren shares her personal journey of making small changes to how she approaches work. By being intentional about her time, focusing on what’s important, and increasing productivity, she details the three habits that transformed her work life. Join Lauren as she discusses practical strategies that can be implemented today to bring about positive change.

Recognizing the need for change: Lauren reveals a pivotal moment in her life when she had a remote hearing from a hospital conference room while her infant daughter was admitted in the other room. This experience made her realize that something needed to change in the way she approached her work.

Small, practical changes: Lauren highlights three habits that made a significant impact on her work life. These habits are simple yet powerful, and listeners can easily incorporate them into their own routines. Tune in to discover these transformative habits.

External resources for inspiration: Lauren shares some valuable sources of inspiration that have influenced her journey. She shares the books, podcasts, and apps that support her wellness.

The toxic language of the legal profession: As a member of the legal profession, Lauren discusses how the language used in the legal field is problematic and overlooks the importance of human connection and empathy. She offers insights into reevaluating how we communicate to foster a more compassionate work environment.

We hope this episode empowers you to make positive changes in your work habits. You are encouraged to take away what works for you and share the episode with someone else who may benefit from the discussion.

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