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How Our Accidental Word of the Year Is Shaping Our 2024 Goals

We’re kicking this year off with lessons learned and how they are shaping our goals for the next year.

Lauren shares her accidental word of the year and what it means to her. Find out what she’s prioritizing in 2024 is an act of rebellion. 

Jess discusses what skill we need more of in the profession and the one person she hopes to work with to dig deeper into the economics of law and access to justice issues.


How to Take a Business-First Approach to Running a Law Firm with Daniel Hernandez

Not many law firm owners take a business-first approach. Today we’re chatting with someone who does:  attorney Daniel Hernandez, who offers insights into law firm culture and operations, touching on topics like core values, hiring timelines, his CEO-lawyer role split, and goals for future growth over the next five years.


Finding Your Firm’s Essence with Amanda Carey

We’re chatting with Amanda Carey, the founder and managing partner of the Carey Center for Justice. During our conversation, we discuss the benefits and challenges of a non-profit law firm, staying true to the core belief of your firm especially when opposing counsel makes it difficult, how we practice more artistically than we might realize, and the key to success that’s rarely talked about in law school. 


10 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Law Firm

Starting your own law firm can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. It gives you ultimate freedom while making you ultimately responsible. While many will say it’s the best decision they made, running your own practice isn’t for everyone.

If you’re thinking about hanging your own shingle, here are ten questions you’ll want to answer to help decide if it’s the right choice for you.