The Power of Positive Connection with Martha Knudson

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Today we’re talking about something you don’t hear about enough in the legal profession: personal connection. Specifically positive personal connection. The bond that’s created when we reach out and honestly share our experience with another person who compassionately listens and empathizes. I know, you might already be feeling a bit uncomfortable, but that’s why this conversation is so important. 

We have a wellness deficit in our profession because we’ve been trained and conditioned to be uncomfortable when it comes to not only connection but many aspects of health and wellness – particularly mental health. 

Our guest today is Martha Knudson, a lawyer, speaker, and consultant working at the intersection of the legal profession and the science of well-being. Among the first to specialize in this area, Martha is passionate about using evidence-based well-being strategies to drive professional success, working with both private clients and as the Executive Director of the Utah State Bar’s Well-Being Committee. 

In her prior life, Martha practiced law, graduating magna cum laude from BYU’s School of Law in 1999. During her legal career she litigated in private law-firm practice, rising to the rank of shareholder, and later became the general counsel of a national real-estate management company. While still practicing law full-time, Martha earned a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, she spent several years working as an assistant instructor to the program. 

Martha is a frequent speaker on well-being topics and publishes articles related to well-being and the legal profession. She also volunteers with The Institute for Well-Being in Law.

Join us as we discuss why positive connection is so important, why it’s harder for solo and small-firm lawyers to find it, and what simple things we can do today to cultivate well-being in our practice.

Listen now. 

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