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How Our Accidental Word of the Year Is Shaping Our 2024 Goals

We’re kicking this year off with lessons learned and how they are shaping our goals for the next year.

Lauren shares her accidental word of the year and what it means to her. Find out what she’s prioritizing in 2024 is an act of rebellion. 

Jess discusses what skill we need more of in the profession and the one person she hopes to work with to dig deeper into the economics of law and access to justice issues.


How to Take a Business-First Approach to Running a Law Firm with Daniel Hernandez

Not many law firm owners take a business-first approach. Today we’re chatting with someone who does:  attorney Daniel Hernandez, who offers insights into law firm culture and operations, touching on topics like core values, hiring timelines, his CEO-lawyer role split, and goals for future growth over the next five years.


Ick! What drives us nuts in the legal profession

In celebration of Jess’s official arrival as co-host, we’re having some fun and laughing about the exasperating and head-scratching moments we’ve had as members of the legal profession. Tune in for a cathartic session of camaraderie and laugh out loud while we embrace some of the quirks that make being a part of the legal profession so uniquely maddening yet endlessly entertaining all at the same time.


The Exact Numbers that Changed My Practice

What you measure matters. In this episode, we dive into the three specific data points Lauren tracks to boost efficiency and profitability – plus one bonus one! Join us for a hands-on conversation as we go through the details of how she knows exactly the number of consultations to book per week to hit her yearly revenue goal, how she tracks whether she’s being efficient, and the one number that was a game-changer when it came to building a profitable practice.


3 Habits that Changed the Way I Work

Imagine having to appear at a remote hearing from a hospital conference room while your infant daughter is admitted in the other room. In a follow-up to the last episode, Lauren shares going through this experience and how it made her realize that something needed to change in the way she approached work. By being intentional about her time, focusing on what’s important, and increasing productivity, Lauren details the three habits that transformed her work life.

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Lessons Learned from Solo Practice with Mathew Kerbis (Part 2)

In this second of our two-part conversation with Mathew Kerbis, we share tips and insights for solo lawyers looking to build and grow their practice. Lauren and Mathew discuss different website platforms that can work for your goals and what to consider when choosing one. Starting out as a solo lawyer can be tough, so we share some tips on how to supplement your income and build your reputation. We talk about how to find freelance work, take on pro bono cases, and build your network.