An 8-Step Plan for Sparking Change in 2022

It’s almost a new year which means a new opportunity to spark change is right around the corner. Are you ready?! Here is a roadmap to sparking change in your life in 2022.

Step 1:  Understand your Motivation

What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?  Why did you go join the legal profession in the first place?  Understanding your motivation or your purpose is the starting point for sparking change within. Read more here.

Step 2: Develop your Professional Identity

What is your definition of professional success? What indicators of success do you bring to the practice? Developing a broad professional identity will provide you with the agility to experience broad professional success and overcome professional challenges. Read more here.

Step 3:  Develop a Growth Mindset

Do you think your abilities are carved in stone or can they be cultivated? How do you view failure – as a defining event or the opportunity to learn? Mindset is a powerful tool that will lead you to a healthier, more productive, and more personally and professionally rewarding life. Read more here.

Step 4:  Cultivate Resilience

Did you know that traits that make you a good legal professional negatively impact your resiliency? As a legal professional, it’s especially important for you to spend time cultivating resilience so you can recover quickly from all the challenges you’ll inevitably face in the workplace.

Step 5:  Dream Big

If you could paint a picture of you living your best life in ten years, what would it look like? Don’t be bashful – DREAM BIG! Then write out what you see in great detail and break the dream up into goals. 

Step 6:  Build a Roadmap

Which dream speaks to you the most? Start there. Build a roadmap for achieving that dream and break it up into milestones. Write out all of the things you need to do to achieve the first milestone. Develop a plan for overcoming obstacles you’ll run into along the way.

Step 7:  Develop Habits for Success

Did you know that nine-tenths of success is about building good habits? The daily systems and routines you create will lead you to accomplish your goals.

Step 8:  Take Action

What’s one step you can take today toward achieving your first goal? Get going!