Why We Should Practice Law On Purpose

I have met some amazing people in this profession. People who are challenging the status quo and writing their own rules for success. They inspire me and have been a great source of support in my own journey.

Unfortunately, this group of lawyers working on purpose is not as big as it should be. There are so many smart, talented, exceptional folks I’ve met who’ve shared their story of being burnt out, disenfranchised or ready to leave the profession altogether. Quite simply, these stories break my heart.

One day, while talking to my good friend Jessica, we decided to do something about it. We didn’t want to see one more lawyer or legal professional take the exit ramp because they weren’t fitting into some rigid mold or following some generalized rules. Manmade rules, we believe, can always be rewritten.

Out of this discussion of empowering ourselves and our colleagues to write our own definition of success and work intentionally towards that goal came the idea for On Purpose Legal Workshop. Taking our own experiences and the stories from so many people we know, we developed the first-ever legal event of its kind, designed to inspire and equip lawyers and legal professionals to thrive as their authentic selves – however that may look.

During this full-day event, we’ll cover topics like motivation, mindset, and resilience while providing tangible tools to identify your own definition of success and create a roadmap to get there. Being in community with other colleagues doing the same intentional work will not only help create the spark of change but will keep the flame going long after the event is over.

Tickets for On Purpose Legal Workshop are available today, but hurry because they will sell out! So buy your ticket today!