Why I Almost Quit the Legal Profession

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Episode Description

In this captivating episode, join our host, Lauren Lester, as she opens up about a pivotal moment in her life as a lawyer that almost made her quit her legal career entirely. Despite her business soaring to new heights, Lauren considered walking away from it all. It’s a tale of personal struggle, self-discovery, and the ultimate triumph of resilience.

Lauren gets vulnerable, recounting the exact moment when she felt the weight of doubt and frustration threaten to crush her passion for the law despite living out her dream of having her own firm. She reveals the one thing that caused her to seriously consider quitting and the moment she realized she might be doing it all wrong.

With refreshing honesty, Lauren reflects on the disheartening reality that her legal practice had become, leaving her feeling resentful of the very people she initially set out to help. Tune in as she reveals the meaningful steps she took to create a practice that better integrates purpose and well-being.

Join us for an inspiring episode that will resonate with anyone who has ever questioned their place in the legal profession and whether it was time to quit. 

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