Finding Your Firm’s Essence with Amanda Carey

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In today’s episode, we’re chatting with Amanda Carey, the founder and managing partner of the Carey Center for Justice, a non-profit law firm in Illinois dedicated to providing access to justice for those with criminal and family law situations. The Carey Center provides predictable pricing and limited scope options for those who need it most and a different way to practice law. 

In building her firm, Amanda has stayed true to the core belief that lawyers are here to serve and solve a client’s problem effectively and efficiently. During our conversation, we discuss the benefits and challenges of a non-profit law firm, staying true to the core belief of your firm especially when opposing counsel makes it difficult, how we practice more artistically than we might realize, and the key to success that’s rarely talked about in law school. 

Grab a cup and join us for this inspiring conversation. Then send us a voice memo sharing the essence of your firm at https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/adifferentpractice/message.

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