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Lessons Learned from Solo Practice with Mathew Kerbis (Pt 1)

Have you been thinking about opening your own law firm? Are you a solo lawyer looking to level up your practice? Well, have we got a treat for you! In this first episode of our two-part series, Lauren sits down with Matthew Kerbis, the Subscription Attorney, to discuss their experience as two solo lawyers running their own firms.


Finding Your Firm’s Essence with Amanda Carey

We’re chatting with Amanda Carey, the founder and managing partner of the Carey Center for Justice. During our conversation, we discuss the benefits and challenges of a non-profit law firm, staying true to the core belief of your firm especially when opposing counsel makes it difficult, how we practice more artistically than we might realize, and the key to success that’s rarely talked about in law school. 


Why Sleeping on TikTok is Costing You Money

When I talk to lawyers about how to optimize their law firm for growth and enjoyment, the first follow-up question I am usually asked is, “But how do I get clients?” This is essentially asking “How do I market and sell my services?” which is a wide and deep topic to explore. We’ll break down this massive topic into digestible parts, starting with today’s topic: TikTok.


The Power of Positive Connection with Martha Knudson

Today we’re talking about something you don’t hear about enough in the legal profession: personal connection. Specifically positive personal connection. The bond that’s created when we reach out and honestly share our experience with another person who compassionately listens and empathizes. I know, you might already be feeling a bit uncomfortable, but that’s why this conversation is so important.