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Meet Ric, attorney & dairy goat farmer leading the charge in brining access to justice to rural Coloradoans through the Virtual Pro Se Clinic Program

Name: Ric Morgan Location: I live in rural Southeast Elbert County, on the Palmer Divide. It’s very rural here. What do you…


Meet Kristen, who after a diverse career path has found purpose and meaning by counseling small businesses & helping others become their best selves

Name: Kristen Belolan Location:  Genesee, CO What do you do? I guide small business and startup founders on the road to…


Meet Yoann, combining his lifelong love for entrepreneurship with his IT and legal skills to launch a firm helping small businesses/tech entrepreneurs

Name:  Yoann Le Bihan Location:  Luxembourg! How did you hear about OPLN all the way in Luxembourg?! I attended the…