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How Value-Based Pricing Can Create More Value for your Clients and Change your Practice and Life

​​Imagine there’s a new way to practice law.

One where:

  • You serve clients you love working with
  • You control your time
  • You work when and where you want to
  • You don’t work on weekends
  • You take regular vacations
  • Your clients enjoy working with you
  • Your bills aren’t challenged because clients appreciate the value you provide
  • Your collection rate is 100%
  • Time spent on administrative tasks is significantly reduced
  • Income and profits increase
  • Cashflow is predictable
  • Your wellbeing is an integral part of your practice
  • Your law firm is thriving
  • You are a happy lawyer

Doesn’t this sound awesome?!

While this may seem like a dream, it doesn’t have to be. Many lawyers are living this “dream” today, and you can too. How? By ditching the billable hour and cost-based pricing and selling what clients are actually buying: the value you provide in solving their legal problem. Making this shift will not only change your practice for the better, it will also change your life.

Too many lawyers struggle to run a profitable practice while still having time for vacations, rest, and daily activities that support wellbeing. At the same time, too many legal consumers forgo help because we as a profession have created a ‘market’ that the vast majority of consumers can’t access.

How do we begin to solve these problems? By providing legal services using value-based pricing.

While we believe shifting to value-based pricing is a critical step to improving the practice of law, we also recognize the importance of other aspects of your practice, such as marketing, finance, operations, and wellbeing. Value-based pricing on its own will not get you to the practice-changing finish line. What it will do, however, is take a huge step forward and give you the momentum for making more changes that can.

Interested in learning more? Check out our free Pricing Toolkit designed to help lawyers learn how to profitably price based on value instead of time. By making this shift, practitioners will not only create more value for clients but also change their practice – and life – for the better. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Then, once you have completed the Pricing Toolkit and are looking to take your revenue goals to the next level, check out our Pricing Pricing membership. The six-month membership includes exclusive on-demand training videos, sample engagement agreement templates, insight-to-action worksheets, unlimited email support from us, and access to a live coaching and Q & A each month – all designed to help hone your pricing strategy and skyrocket profits!

What are you waiting for?! Let’s go!