Ick! What drives us nuts in the legal profession

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In celebration of Jess’s official arrival as co-host, we’re having some fun and laughing about the exasperating and head-scratching moments we’ve had as members of the legal profession. Basically, we’re talking about all the things that make us go “Ick!”

In this hilarious yet relatable episode, we delve into the zany side of lawyering that often goes unnoticed by everyone other than us lawyers. Get ready to laugh out loud as we recount being ghosted by opposing counsel before we’ve even said hello, being called “the new Lauren” at your new job, and the WTF-inducing receipt of a letter attached to an email. We talk about needing to say “Yes, and…” more and better ways we can combat imposter syndrome. Plus, we get into engagement letters vs. agreements, and why there might be more there than meets the eye.

Tune in to this episode of A Different Practice for a cathartic session of camaraderie and laugh out loud while we embrace some of the quirks that make being a part of the legal profession so uniquely maddening yet endlessly entertaining all at the same time.

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