Success Stories

???? Watch: Living life to the max with Daissy Dominguez

In this Success Story, we had the opportunity to sit down with Daissy Dominguez, lawyer and founder of Dominguez Legal Justice Center, LLC, to discuss her professional journey and how she continues to find time for all her passions while also running a successful law firm and serving as a mentor and role model for others along the way.

Daissy knew that she wanted to be a lawyer long before she made it to law school. Upon graduation from John Marshall Law School, Daissy joined the CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project, launched her immigration practice, and never looked back. 

Together, we talked about:

  • How she is making the most out of her experience, skills and networking (and everything else she does!).
  • Daissy’s love for mentoring and the various ways she has done it over the years (coffees, internships, chat groups, etc.!)
  • How her fierce time management skills have allowed her to pursue her three passions – travel, fitness and fashion – while maintaining a successful practice.
  • The self-care journey Daissy embarked on when she got sick with vertigo due to stress a few years ago.
  • How she’s making lemons out of lemonade these days!

Watch the full replay of our conversation here????