Success Stories

???? Watch: Helping Clients, Colleagues and Ourselves Live our Very Best Lives with Amy Skogerson from The Law Shop

BIG thank you to Amy Skogerson, attorney, consultant, storyteller, and Co-Founder of The Law Shop by Skogerson McGinn LLC, for letting us pick her brain about a whole host of topics last week!

Amy and her law partner Andrea McGinn launched their 100% unbundled law firm back in 2017 to help their clients, their colleagues and themselves live their very best lives.  We LOVED digging into the details of how Amy is doing all of those things.

Together, we talked about several topics including:

  • How Amy’s definition of success has been in conflict with the profession’s traditional definition her entire career and how it is now tied to the tribe she leads with Andrea at The Law Shop.
  • The amazing start-up story behind The Law Shop and how they are inspiring other attorneys in Iowa and beyond to incorporate unbundled services into their practices.
  • How Amy and Andrea created a thriving and supportive work culture.
  • Where Amy looks for inspiration and what gives her hope for the future.
  • Amy’s love organization, developing habits, and “the peace bomb.”

Watch our conversation below????