Success Stories

???? Watch: How Being Open to Networking & Possibilities can Lead You to Success with Sarah Rutledge

Sarah Rutledge, Director of Planned Giving at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, sits down with us to discuss her unique career path and how keeping an open mind and networking led to her success.

Sarah had no idea what she wanted to do with her legal degree upon graduation from law school, and her situation was immediately complicated by the financial crises and having to move to another state to follow her now husband to law school. Sarah did not let these hurdles stop her though. Instead, she maintained an open mind and positive attitude, started networking, and eventually found her way to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and ultimately to success.

Together, we talked about:

  • What planned giving is and how a lawyer can use a legal degree and  benefit from having it in a planned giving role;
  • How difficult it can be to graduate from law school without a job or path forward and grappling with the feeling of failure that comes along with it;
  • How despite feeling uncomfortable, she put herself out there and started networking, and how that eventually led her to where she is today;
  • How her definition of success has evolved since graduating from law school and how she has found fulfillment and enjoyment in her current role;
  • Her advice for legal professionals looking to find their purpose and/or make a career change; and
  • Of course, what her favorite animal is at the zoo!

Watch our full conversation here????