Success Stories

???? Watch: Forging Your Own Path in the Legal Profession with Marty Champagne

Martin Champagne, lawyer and founder of Champagne Law Firm, sits down with us to discuss his professional journey and how he’s forged his own path to create a practice and a life he loves.

With more than eighteen years of experience, Marty has spent his career as a litigator. After working for a variety of different firms, a fortuitous encounter on a ski lift changed everything and inspired him to build a firm that supports how he wants to practice.

Together, we talked about:

  • How Marty defines success and uses it to shape how he practices law.
  • The amazing story behind a chance encounter and influential book that lead him to quit his job and branch out on his own. 
  • How he’s built a ‘human’, client-centered practice that prioritizes authenticity and honesty.
  • Where Marty finds inspiration and what gives him hope for the future.
  • How Marty found the confidence to forge his own path and what his advice is for others looking to do the same.

Watch our full conversation here????