Have You Been Struggling with How to Be Creative with Your Legal Marketing?

Lawyers, for the most part, aren’t creative people. I’m not talking creative in the sense of coming up with an ingenious strategy to win a case. We can do that all day long. The creative I’m talking about is designing pretty things. While we each have a website (if not, we need to talk), lawyer websites tend to look the same. It’s difficult to differentiate one from the next. We use the same images and wording; we highlight the same features of our firms. And when you talk about social media, forget it: lawyers glaze over. If you want to promote yourself in this digital age, however, engagement with these platforms is necessary.

Good news is you don’t have to be a designer or necessarily give one. There are plenty of tools out there to help. One fantastic option for designing marketing collateral is Canva. Through their templates and drag-and-drop functions, Canva makes it easy to create all different kinds of promotional material, from digital posts to printed handouts. I’ve personally created the following on Canva:

  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Newsletter images
  • Informational PDFs
  • Presentation applications
  • Flyers
  • Logos
  • Desktop wallpaper

With Canva, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. They have tons of templates you can start with and their library of elements and images is exhaustive. Best of all, a basic account is free! And even if you need a little something extra, their licensing is inexpensive.

With Canva we can’t use the excuse any more that lawyers aren’t creative.

Break out of the mold of what legal marketing materials should look like. Throw out the pictures of the gavel and the scales of justice; and please, please, please get away from the wall of reporters. Instead, take a scroll through Canva and start creating marketing materials that stand out and engage clients.

This is not an ad. I do not endorse or receive compensation from any tools mentioned.

What marketing material have you been using for years? Can you spend a little time this week updating it?