Success Stories

???? Watch: Thriving as Your Authentic Self with Ryann Peyton

We are so excited to have Ryann Peyton, lawyer, changemaker, and Director of the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program, join us for the latest episode of our Success Stories series. Ryann shares how she found a role that allows her to leave a lasting impact and ultimately make the profession better.

After working in private practice for several years, Ryann stepped back and reevaluated what she wanted out of her career. Seeking a place in the profession that aligned with her authentic self, she harnessed the collective power of community to find where she could thrive.

In our chat with Ryann, we talk about:

  • How one size doesn’t fit all and that there are many ways to be a thriving member of the profession.
  • How many of us feel trapped on the “moving sidewalk” and how to instead define success for ourselves.
  • Habits she’s built to stay grounded even in times of insecurity.
  • What change she’s seen during the health crisis that Ryann hopes will continue.
  • How Ryann crafted her professional identity and what her advice is for others wanting to do the same.

Watch our full conversation here????