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???? Watch: No longer “faking it until she makes it” with Chrissie Martell

Chrissie Martell, lawyer and founder of The Law Office of Christina Martell, sits down with us to discuss her professional path and how she’s no longer faking it until she makes it . . . because she’s made it!

Six years into the practice of law and three years into owning her own practice, Chrissie recently had an epiphany – she wasn’t “faking it” anymore! She was coming to court prepared, she was citing the right statutes, she was making good arguments, and her clients liked her. It was this realization that allowed her to shake that nagging impostor syndrome, let go of perfectionism, and embrace her inherent uniqueness.

Together, we talked about:

  • The silver linings of COVID-19
  • Why neither of us would repeat law school (lol)
  • How her aunt’s hanging a shingle right out of law school gave her the confidence to eventually do the same
  • How she was able to let go of perfectionism and overcome impostor syndrome
  • The stigma associated with mental health and how easily life can throw you curve balls, pushing you to your limits, and how it’s therefore important to take care of yourself and others
  • How people need to get over themselves and move through life with more humility

Watch our full conversation here????