Success Stories

???? Watch: Finding Success Through Balance with Karen Munoz

Karen Munoz, Partner at Dolan Law, dog lover, and certified yoga teacher, sits down with us to discuss her career path, definition of success, and the positive impact mindfulness and yoga have had on both. 

Karen’s definition of success has changed over the years. As a young, Hispanic, female lawyer, she felt pressured to be better than everyone else in order to be taken seriously. She therefore worked 80 hour weeks, which took a toll on her wellbeing. Today, she no longer works 80 hour weeks and instead defines success as being able to go home, have a great night’s sleep, and know that she has done the best that she can for herself, her clients, and the people she loves. Success is finding the balance that she didn’t have before.

Together, we talked about:

  • How Karen initially wanted to be a police officer but her gut told her to pivot and she eventually ended up in law instead;
  • Her 18-year career at Dolan Law and her journey from law clerk to partner;
  • What initially led her down the mindfulness and yoga path and how she found peace in both;
  • The importance of acknowledging that anxiety is normal and finding healthy ways to deal with it ;
  • Karen’s involvement in and the wide variety of services offered through the Lawyers Assistance Program (Note: there is a similar organization in every state!); and
  • Tips for starting your day off on the right track and finding a career that offers successful and supports your wellbeing.

Watch our full conversation here????