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???? Watch: Doing Well by Doing Good with Scott Kelly from Community Lawyer

BIG thank you to Scott Kelly, President & Co-Founder of Community Lawyer, P.B.C., for chatting with me last week about his startup story and the good work Community Lawyer is doing!

Scott and his co-founders launched Community Lawyer in 2016. Season 1 of the company included building a platform that allows local networks of lawyers to create consumer facing websites that consumers could go to and connect with a lawyer.  Over 50 networks use the product today. Season 2 of the company included building a no code app builder that lawyers use to automate their expertise.

Together, we talked about several topics including:

  • The path that led Scott to Blue Ridge Labs and his incubator experience there, including founder dating,
  • What Community Lawyer does and examples of the awesome apps you can build with it,
  • His love for reading and writing fantasy novels, 
  • How we both agree that the people who are able to wake up early and work out are aliens,
  • His advice for recent law grads, and
  • How Community Lawyer is hiring!

Update as of January 16, 2021: is now AfterPattern.

Watch the full replay of our conversation here????